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Get The Care and Help You Need

Our team of Medical Physicians, Physical Therapists, and more provide advanced medical treatment for Auto Accident Injury patients in Florida.
"We collectively help rehabilitate patients who have suffered injuries in different circumstances. I am proud to be able to treat them with love and dedication. I thank Muse Care Center for this opportunity and assurance."
Dalia Ponce , Physical Therapist

Get the Help you deserve

Accidents are never part of the plan, but when the unexpected happens, we are here to help! Muse Care Center works with the best medical specialists who will provide you with personalized post-accident care. We’re well-versed on the steps you need to take next, including timelines, finding legal representation, and filing claims after a car accident.
  • Primary Care
  • Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Attorney Referral

We accept these insurance and more:

If you don't see yours, give us a call and we will verify coverage.

Get the Legal Help You Need!

Let us refer you to a trusted personal injury lawyer for all your needs! There is never an obligation when speaking with an attorney we refer you to.
Ask questions and get the guidance you need to help determine the best option for you and your personal injury case.

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MUSE Care Center takes care
of my health without extra stress

"My experience at the Muse clinic during my recovery from damages caused by a car accident was exceptional, excellent treatment and care that makes you feel like family, the doctors and therapists who helped me a lot with their work for me were very special and super nice rehabilitation."
Zeidanys A. - Patient