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We care about
your health and want you to have the best care

We are Specialists in Treatment of Auto Accident Injuries and Slip & Fall Cases.
We Have a fantastic Team That is Committed to Your Health.

Highly Experienced

Our Doctors have aided countless individuals in Miami and the surrounding areas in achieving pain relief and recovering from auto accidents.

Customized Care

You will receive a comprehensive examination and evaluation of your injuries, followed by a personalized pain management treatment plan.

Medical Liens

Our professional team collaborates with personal injury attorneys to ensure that you never have to pay for your auto accident injury treatment out of pocket.

Our services

Our team of Medical Physicians, Physical Therapists, and more provide advanced medical treatment for Auto Accident Injury patients in Florida.
  • Zeidanys A. - Patient

    “My experience at the Muse clinic during my recovery from damages caused by a car accident was exceptional, excellent treatment and care that makes you feel like family, the doctors and therapists who helped me a lot with their work for me were very special and super nice rehabilitation.”
  • Khaila Malagon Alonso

    “I am honored to work with such diverse medical experts at Muse Care Center. Their compassion and dedication to patients foster a comforting work environment that allows the accident victim to feel more alleviated throughout the recovery process.”
  • Elvis A. - Patient

    "My time at the Muse Care Center clinic, for my recovery from the accident that occurred was excellent, each visit and meeting with doctors, therapists and everyone in general was wonderful, very good treatment and excellent professionals."
  • Dalia Ponce

    “I am very grateful to work with this staff where we collectively help rehabilitate patients who have suffered injuries in different circumstances. I am proud to be able to treat them with love and dedication. I thank Muse Care Center for this opportunity and assurance.”
  • Maikel M. - Patient

    “Hi, I just want to thank Muse and to all workers for the help in my treatment, thanks for the attention and the everyday day laugh to make everything easier, today is my last day here and I'm really thankful for everyone help with my recovery, thanks.”
  • Minerva Rodríguez

    “Muse Care Center is a family team work, that care for the patients with dedication and high levels of professionalism. It has been my best work experience and my goal is to maintain the standards of this facility at all times. I am grateful for the small things, the big things, and everything in between”